Lake Garda Cycling Marathon


For many years, cycling lovers have been waiting for a Gran fondo within this beautiful naturalistic context inclined…to dynamic holidays.

Garda Supersport launches on 3rd April 2016 the first edition of the International Lake Garda Cycling Marathon -Gianni Carpentari Memorial. The second edition will be April 9, 2017.

This event aims to be both sport and sensorial: cycling alongside the springy colours and flavours of Lake Garda and river Adige, takes you straight into a multi-sensorial race.

Garda Supersport aim is to connect the beauty of Lake Garda to a special person who gave his whole life to this area and cycling: Gianni Carpentari. Great amateur, climber, the one who beat legendary Felice Gimondi and the person who decided not to become a professional, as he believed that at higher levels purity and honesty of a sportsman could be altered.

About cycling, Gianni was a real forerunner as he decided to invest in bicycles and open a shop in Torbole, when everybody was just speaking about windsurf. An entire life devoted to bike and, above all, to Lake Garda.

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